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Grief & Loss

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Grief and loss come in many forms, some are acknowledged and obvious to the world and others can be private and not easily seen. Death of a loved one, separation from a partner, divorce, abortion, miscarriage, financial or business loss, loss of place also chronic disease can bring with grief, disappointment, and loss. Generally, our culture is not very supportive, insightful, or compassionate to the deep human experience of loss. This leaves many with unfelt and unintegrated experiences affecting our physical wellbeing and feelings of happiness and motivation.

In traditional Chinese medicine emotions affect different organs if not expressed. Grief and disappointment can affect our lungs, large intestines, the pericardium, and heart. Yoga can give you practices, space and a dedicated time to deal with grief and transform it, when ready, into more love, acceptance and hope.


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