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The Relaxation Response

The powerful physiology responses of relaxation have been well harnessed for healing by many ancient cultures and traditions.

Dr Herbert Benson and his team dedicated their efforts to researching this last century’s and it always amazes me how little attention it still gets in mainstream therapeutic practices.

Deep relaxation lowers and regulates blood pressure, decreases inflammation, improves our immune system, increases feelings of wellbeing, calmness, safety and connection. It changes our perception and response to stress, decreases experiences of pain and the list goes on.

There are many techniques and practices so just find what works for you on any given day. Yoga, meditation, qi going, deep, slow nose breathing, a walk in nature, a swim in the ocean, a bath, a nice lunch with a special friend, gazing at the stars and the moon, gazing at a candle flame, gazing at the clouds, anything that helps you feel a little more relaxed… start there, start anywhere.



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