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Yoga for the new year - finding your flow

Happy new year!

Getting back into your yoga practice after a time with baby steps is the key. If you haven't been to a face-face class for a while start gently with either a beginners, a restorative or a private session. If these are not available to suit your timeframe, go to a mix level class and practice at about 70% of effort so you don't over do it. Remember the key principles of yoga practice when it comes to all practices including asana, pranayama and meditation, is to practice with steadiness and comfort. If you notice strain, ease off. This is the practice of yoga. Yoga does not recognise the concept of "no pain, no gain". In fact, it is counter to the practice of yoga.

If you are starting back on the mat at home, take it easy and make it enjoyable. Your body and soul will love you for it even if the ego mind struggles or resists a little. Be gentle and compassionate with your mind using mantra such as "Just do a little bit today", "let's make it easy", "I am finding ease and peace". Getting the mind on board with some kindness and acceptance is helpful and before you know it your feel good chemicals will release, your physiology will be back in the flow, peaceful feelings will emerge and you will be abiding in your present moment self again. You will be back in a state of yoga... ah..yay!

Here is a little grounding practice to get you going and need support with your kick start or want to refine your home practice reach out. I offer privates and yoga therapy sessions at your home or from Glebe or Nth Strathfield.


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