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Testimonials: Testimonials

Kylie is passionate about the transformative potential yoga offers and has more than 20 years experience of yoga practice, yoga therapy and teaching. She combines her background in science with her vast knowledge of yogic philosophy to ground her teacher trainings in a practical and relatable format. The anatomy component of the course is linked to various asanas, enabling a deeper understanding of alignment and physical benefits of each pose.
Rather than imposing a particular asana style, Kylie nurtures her students to draw out their inner teacher, giving them confidence to teach from their heart, drawing on their own knowledge and experience. My yoga teaching journey with Kylie was very fulfilling on a personal level, helping me deepen my practice, as well have giving me the skills and courage to share my passion for yoga with my students.
I highly recommend training with Kylie, for her unique, supportive approach to teaching and for her wisdom and kindness

Merren Smith

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