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Cyclic Meditation for Sleep and Releasing Deep Seated Tension in the Nervous System

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

As we are in the season of winter we spent the weekend retreat getting in tune with natures calling to restore, self-reflect and rejuvenate. A big thank you to everyone who joined and participated in their own healing so bravely and compassionately. 💖

One of the practices I taught on the weekend was the Cyclic Meditation (CM).

The practice cycles between doing and non-doing, action and relaxation, sympathetic nervous system activation and parasympathetic nervous system activation.

With the cycling through we reached deeper states of relaxation and release deep seated tension in the mind.

A great practice to do daily before bed for anyone and especially for people with insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and other nervous systems disorders caused by stored stress and trauma.

A perfect winter time practice too. Rejuvenate before the creative energy of spring.

This version I recorded is a simplified version for accessibility to almost anyone.

Enjoy :) 💖

Traditionally, the practice begins with a Sanskrit chant.

Avartana Dhyana Mantra

Laye sambodhayet cittam viksiptam samayet punah. Sakasayam vijaniyat samapraptam na calayet.

Meaning When the mind is in a state of drowiness, awaken and stimulate it. When the mind becomes agitated again, pacify it, and recognise the deeper mind full of desires, blocks and stagnations. Once the state of perfect equilibrium is reached, do not disturb that state again.

And finishes with a Sanskrit chant.

Dhyananantara Prarthana.

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarve santu niramayah. Sarve bhadrani pasyantu ma kascit duhkhabhag bhavet.

Om santih, santih, santih.

Meaning Let all be happy, free from disease. Let all align at reality, let no one suffer from misery. Om peace, peace, peace.


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