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Bowral in Autumn - a perfect place to let go

Thank you Dhara for these beautiful photos! :)

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us on the retreat on the weekend. Thank you to the beautiful Lyn Moyce for sharing some lovely, nurturing, and fun yoga practices with everyone. The country air was so fresh and crisp and the autumn leaves were a wonderful reminder to let go of what is ready to be let go of.

We focused on moving the prana through the lungs and large intestines, withdrawing in and letting go for the season of Autumn and the metal element in the Asian 5-element theory, Wuxing. Where we take our attention to prana/energy flows. Conscious controlled nose breathing with intention, releasing and moving around the lungs, and large intestines, and reflecting on what is ready to let go are all helpful to get in rhythm with the Prakriti, (mother nature) at this time of year. When we respect and honour the rhythms of nature, well-being is promoted. Our mind becomes more clear, our human systems functioning is more optimised and homeostasis (physiological balance) is more easily restored.

Missed the retreat?

Here is simple pranayama practice for Autumn:

Breathe slowly and consciously through the nose, and extend the out-breath a little longer than the in-breath. Focus on letting go of what you are ready to let go of in your life on the exhalation. Breathe it out. Check it feels comfortable and enjoyable, if you are straining or uncomfortable, ease it back a little.

If you like, you can think of or imagine letting go of anything that you are ready to let go of with compassion for any sadness and/or disappointment you may feel.

Remember, nature does not force the leaves to fall, it does not push or strain, when the environment is right and things are ready, it happens when the time is right. Be gentle with yourself, letting go is not always easy. Cultivate a quiet, reflective space that feels comfortable for you.

The next retreat is in July and we will be focusing on the Winter energy of deep restoration, rest, and healing. Click here or email me for information. There is internal heating throughout, a fire, electric blankets, nourishing food, lots of warm cups of tea and beautiful warm heart-felt connections, restorative yoga, and hands-on healing.


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